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Due to work and life obligations, updates may be sporadic.

Firearms, their uses, engineering/design, and shooting of them are a passion of mine.  This is chronicling my journey of both firearms and money, in the hopes it can help others as well.

Discovering how to take care of my personal finances, get started with retirement outside of the military, and not negatively impact my life became a near full-time second job by 2021.  

I strongly believe that a financial advisor and a firearms instructor should be doing their job for the love of educating their client.  If either are doing their work to become rich, then you are likely dealing with someone who doesn't value their clientele.

I served 7 years in the Air Force between active duty and the Ohio National Guard as an intelligence analyst with several additional duties including augmenting Security Forces and aiding the development/implementation of training programs for intelligence analysts.

I have over 300 hours of professional firearm training, instruction, and coursework development through:

Active Response Training:

Snubby Revolver for Concealed Carry

Citizen Defense Research:

The Armed Parent / Guardian 

Concealed Skills Assessment

Force on Force Adaptive Skills Training 

Citizens Safety Academy:

Gateway Instructor Certification Course

FPF Training:

Street Encounters Skills and Tactics

Gunset Training Group:

Defensive Shotgun

Tactical Rifle Standards​

Impact Shooting Center:

Essential Pistol 2 Day
Defensive Pistol Workshop
Progressive Fundamentals and Movement

Mad Duck Training:

Dynamic Trauma Care


Massad Ayoob Group

Project Appleseed:

Rifle Marksmanship

Combative Pistol


Revere's Riders:

Rifle 262 - Rimfire Field Course

3x Invitational Rifle Competitions, Camp Atterbury

CSA Gateway Instructor Certified 

NRA RSO certified

RSO at several events hosted by TDI Ohio 

Rifle Marksmanship Instructor with Project Appleseed 2009-2011

IDPA competitor since 2010

Riton Optics Prostaff, 2019-2021

Every penny from classes I taught during 2023 was donated to the family of Deputy Zeigler

For questions or interest in classes, clinics, lectures, etc., I can be reached directly via email at

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