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Firearms, the uses of them, biomechanics interactions, engineering efforts, and obviously the shooting of them are a passion of mine.  This is chronicling my journey of both firearms and money, in the hopes it can help others as well.

2020 brought a lot of changes for a lot of people.  For myself,  I bought 50% of the company that employed me in January and then closed for 6 weeks due to executive orders in the State of Ohio.  I vowed that I would never be caught with my financial pants down ever again.  I started a LLC in 2021 to address a lot of questions people were asking me regarding firearms and finance (hence this site).

Discovering how to take care of my personal finances, get started with retirement outside of the military, and not negatively impact my life became a near full-time second job by 2021.  2022 will bring arborist credentials to my resume, and the start of pursuing an education as a CPA.

Mike served 7 years in the Air Force between active duty and the Ohio National Guard as an intelligence analyst with several additional duties. Augmenting Security Forces personnel along with aiding the development/implementation of training programs for intelligence analysts were amongst these.

Courses Attended:

Citizen Defense Research

Contextual Handgun : The Armed Parent / Guardian 

Impact Shooting Center

Essential Pistol 2 Day, Defensive Pistol Workshop,Progressive Fundamentals and Movement

Mad Duck Training

Dynamic Trauma Care

NRA RSO certified

RSO at several events hosted by TDI Ohio 

Rifle Marksmanship Instructor with Project Appleseed 2009-2011

IDPA competitor since 2010

Riton Optics Prostaff, 2019-2021

I can be reached directly via email at jeep45238@gmail.com