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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
Warren Buffet

"You have the rest of your life to solve your problems. How long you live depends on how well you do it."
Clint Smith

Below are free resources that have been vetted over the years by myself and others with far more experience.  There are no pay-links, kickbacks, or any business relationships to anything listed below.  

If you find this resource valuable, please share with your friends and family.

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Free Resources: List



William Aprill was a unique educator in the personal defense training community. He saw things through a slightly different lens than most instructors. He communicated differently, challenged people to think differently, and had a huge impact on the way people prepared to defend themselves or others.  Much of his work can be found for free at Personal Defense Network.


Pat was the Uncle to many who didn't have one.  He gave so much to this country and people, and has made a tremendous impact to people who never had the chance to meet him.  His collective works haven't been archived in one location, but are scattered through many corners of the internet.

Pat Roger's final speech on the AR15 rifle

BCM Remembers Pat

Panteao Productions

Pat's Memorial Service


Varg Freeborn is an author, self-defense and gunfight instructor, lethal force educator and fitness coach, as well as a father and a family man.

Born into a violent home life, he was no stranger to deadly violence by a very young age. At 19, he was convicted in a self-defense case that went terribly wrong and sentenced to 5 years in the penitentiary, for stabbing his attacker dozens of times. His education in both violence and strength training were solidified during those years. Following his release, he continued to fight his case and was eventually granted a full restoration of all civil rights.

Varg Freeborn

Violence of Mind

Beyond OODA


My approach to Gun Culture 2.0 is inspired by philosopher Baruch Spinoza: "I have sedulously endeavored not to laugh at human actions, nor to lament them, nor to detest them, but to understand them."


Todd was one of my first introductions to quality information and objective analysis in the firearms community.  He has since passed, but many of his thoughts and works have been archived at and TLG arguably is responsible for the appendix carry resurgence of the last decade in my opinion.

Todd Green Article Archive

ToddG for Beginners

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