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AAR: Force-on-Force Adaptive Scenario Training (FFAST)

Note: I paid full retail, and have receive no kickbacks/financial incentives regarding this class, host, instructor, or any products mentioned.

22 October 2023 - Dayton, Ohio

Weather: Late fall, chilly, partly cloudy

Round count : n/a

Citizen Defense Research - FFAST, taught by Chris Cypert Host - MushinSST FFAST is a blended classroom and experimental course introducing students to use of force concepts ranging from verbal interactions through lethal using scenarios garnered from real world scenarios. The class emphasizes learning through first hand experience and post-scenario conversations from first and third person view points, while examining concepts of spacial control, influence, timing, and a myriad of other ideas that can be applied in regular earth people life.

SBS 3x3 format (things covered/learned/that I'll change): Top 3 things covered:

Spacial management

Managing unknown contacts (M.U.C.) Time and Timing

Top 3 things learned: Acting on behalf of 3rd parties and potential complicaitons

Movement and opening the visual plane available Rapidity of situation changes based on cues

Top 3 things I'll change: Increased focus on personal health

Seek additional force-on-force training

Develop additional non-firearm problem solving skills

As always, get to know people better, and try to break out of the echo chamber we all have. Be human, do the dosey doe, tell stories, laugh, have dinner with new friends, smile, and be kind.


Firearm of choice: Gas operated airsoft G17 Holster of choice: Phlster Pro

Belt: EDC Belt Co. Ammunition: 6mm BB

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