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AAR: FPF Training - Street Encounters Skills and Tactics

Updated: 5 days ago

Note: I paid full retail, and have no kickback/financial incentives regarding this class or any products mentioned.

21/22 May 2022 - Cincinnati, OH

Weather: Early Spring, warm/humid on Saturday, cool then thunderstorms late on Sunday

Recommended Round Count : 250-300 rounds

FPF Training - Street Encounters and Tactics

Host - Zeigler Defense Systems Marcus passed Friday, May 26th 2023. He was an incredible person, amazing husband and father, contributed to his community at every opportunity, and will always be my friend. His biggest smiles were reserved for his family, and as a deputy. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Is this class worth your time and money? Absolutely.

Will this class be the same week to week? No, the curriculum is modified over time based off feedback, efficiency, and relevancy to the students. There is no box checking.

SBS 3x3 format:

My top 3 things covered in the class

Response and decision making based off of stimulus BESIDES a timer beep

Pepper spray staging, deployment, "cook time"

3D targeting versus 2D targets (which paired very well with this Ballistic Radio episode)

My top 3 things I learned

Spontaneity is a thing - it confirms understanding surprisingly well

Integration of tools on hand, the difficulty of changing tasks/breaking out of the rabbit hole

Easy verification of correct TQ pressure

My top 3 things I am going to change

Integration of dry-fire/draw stroke practice of POM (and in-pocket carry vs clip, or both) More focus on CNS accuracy requirements

Pace-counting to help with knowing my limit

Lastly, get to know people better, and try to break out of the echo chamber we all have. Be human, do the dosey doe, tell stories, laugh, have dinner with new friends, smile, and be kind.

Thank you for being my friend Marcus. You're one of the best men I've had the pleasure of knowing.


Firearm of choice - Ruger LCR, Hi-Viz front sight, LCRx grip

Holster: Phlster City Special mods: DCC clip, foam wedge

Belt: Mastermind Tactics Specialist

Ammunition: 158 grain flat point jacketed, ammunition loaded near max charge

Reloads accomplished via SpeedBeez , Safariland (worn AIWB) and Tuff (8 shot)

Edit: Armed&Styled (Tessa from Phlster) has a phenomenal AAR.

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